Raul Liive

I have been working in Skype since 2006, which is part of Microsoft from October 2011.

I have worked on managing vendors since spring of 2006. I have experience in the full lifecycle of vendor management startign from identifying potential companies, running tenders, contract negotiations and sunsetting partnerships.

I have contracted vendors from various countries, including Ukraine, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Romania, USA, Japan, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, in addition I have had discussions with potential vendors from other countries. 

In addition to vendor management, I have gained substantial experiences in building and developing communities, software testing, agile and in organizing events.

I have been speaking on industry conferences, gave few lectures at universities, been a mentor on startup events and been a corporate blogger.

I'm interested in innovative products which aim to change lives on big scale.

Specialties: Software testing, vendor management, product management, scrum, agile, blogging, public speaking, community building, organiazing.


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