Black Rex
President - RBCS, Inc.
Bulverde, США
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  • 17.03.2015
    Case Studies in Success with Free Test Tool (Синхронный перевод)

    Free tools are great, because they are always in budget, right?  Well, not always, because your time is valuable. You can waste a lot of time if you misuse free tools. In this talk, drawn from three decades of industry experience including recent consulting work with many clients, Rex will provide some case studies—and the lessons we can learn from them—in successful use of free tools. He’ll also give some cautionary tales of free tool usage gone astray.

    • Просто
    • 40 мин
    • SQA Days / 17
  • 14.03.2015
    Test Estimation (Синхронный перевод)

    How long will testing take? Estimating testing effort and duration is a common challenge on projects small, medium, and large. In this session, Rex will cover techniques that work in both traditional and agile lifecycles.  How many testers do we need? How many test cases do we need?  How many bugs will testing find?  How long will testing take?  Those are good questions, but those questions are often hard to answer.  In this keynote, drawn from three decades of industry experience and materials in his best-selling book Managing the Testing Process, 3rd edition, Rex will discuss fundamental techniques for test estimation. 

    • Среднe
    • 40 мин
    • SQA Days / 17
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