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Agenda The Testing Challenge The Scope of IoE Testing Test Strategy for the IoE The Future for Testing and Testers Close Slide 2 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Background The IoE will dominate our industry for 10 to 20 years Right now, it is very confusing Standards emerging, but current applications are bleeding edge, speculative or exploratory Security and privacy risks dominate today But functional and integration complexity challenges must also be overcome There are also broader societal risks Government, companies and individuals need to pay attention. Slide 3 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Introduction IoE will be 'everything on the internet' soon A strategy for 'Testing Everything'? Dimensions, influences, and opportunities Can only paint a picture Suggest what testers need to think about The challenge we face is quite different from what we have tested before. Slide 4 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Scope of the Internet of Everything The scope of IoE is growing and includes: Vast number of static devices, mostly sensors Mobile devices: cars, buses, trains, planes, ships, satellites... It will include: Objects in homes, cities, work, hospitals, social venues Wearable, human-embedded devices, phones and tablets IoE integrates with 100s of services, payment and legacy systems Eventually, IoE will be called the Internet The test strategy for the IoE is the test strategy for everything. Slide 5 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
The Biggest Thing in 30 Years? Continuous delivery and DevOps bring factory automation processes into software After Waterfall and Agile, CD and DevOps become 'the third way' The IoE will affect everyone on the planet. From 50-700bn devices over the next 5 to 20 years; no one knows We are on a journey that will increase the scale of the internet by one hundred times How will we test it? Slide 6 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
The Testing Journey (from the 1980s to the present) Screen based applications running on dumb terminals – 1980s GUI applications and Client/Server – 1990s The emergence of the Internet - 1995 'Mobile Revolution' - today Internet of Everything - emerging Smart phones, buildings, cars, ships, planes and cities BigData, pervasive, wearable computing Massive scale IoE brings new levels of complexity and scale Non-functional risks are well-understood – what's new? Functional testing and simulation at very large scale. Slide 7 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
If CMOs hold the budget… There is a shift in power in the mobile space If marketers hold the money for building IoE: IT will have to meet short and long term business goals Development must deliver, experiment and learn Market testing and experimentation to drive rapid evolution DevOps, Continuous Delivery, high levels of automation and simulation Test analytics blended with production analytics. Slide 8 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Connecting the Unconnected ' by Facebook' wants to provide cheaper access to data by (to perhaps 1/100th of the current price) Developing economies will probably lead the way in implementing the IoE with mobile internet But what networking technology/protocols will be used for local connectivity? "No technology dominates yet. We are waiting for technologies to improve in range and performance. The standard technology for connecting the IoT hasn't been invented yet." We are still at the start of the IoE journey Slide 9 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
The Scope of IoE Testing
Functional testing Hardware-Level functionality Most of this testing will be performed by manufacturers Object and Server level functionality We'll have to test simple web-apps to systems with many complex sub-systems Integration and Interaction at all levels Companies, testers will have to use judgement on deciding what to test and how much Collaboration confusion Use expectations and user testing of collaborating systems will be difficult. Slide 11 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Testing @ Scale Scalability We'll have to do some large-scale load, performance and stress testing Wearables and embedded We will need to simulate and test thousands of devices carried by or embedded in people Everything connected We'll need to do location-based tests at very large scale. Slide 12 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Networks Moving networks We'll have to test security and resilience of our systems against alien or rogue networks Network security risks at multiple levels Networks will need to be hardened and tested at all levels, not just 'perimeter' Device registration, provisioning, failure and security Power-down, power-up and automated authentication, configuration and registration processes will need to be tested Mobile objects Power, interference, network strength, roaming and jamming issues will all need testing. Slide 13 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Big Data Logistics A substantial data storage service will have to be tested (performance, backup/recovery etc.) Analysis and visualisation These outputs and processes will need to be tested. Personal and corporate privacy Testing will need to embrace the ethical use of data and it's protection from misuse. Slide 14 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
The Scope of IoE Testing Not all IoE systems will be huge or complex But we face a wider range of concerns than ever before: Most bring a new technology and risk profile The range of testing issues we need to consider The scale of the testing required has increased The approaches we will need to tackle the risks of failure will have to change. Slide 15 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Test Strategy for the IoE
Modelling, Testing and Test Data Tools to model the IoE are only just emerging We'll need to use Big Data test techniques 'Pattern-based test design' Generate tests from patterns to simulate scenarios Oracles will derive from conventions or common- sense Personas as patterns of user or system behaviour Goal: to feed automated tools large numbers of scenarios Developers will need to make systems testable through High Volume Automated Testing. Slide 17 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Test Environments; Testing in the Field Test environments will vary widely A test lab for a home could be set up in any office An urban environmental management system will be harder to create Scale of field testing will vary widely, but will become a common (and possibly mandatory) testing stage Barcelona has set up an urban-scale testing facility Barcelona Urban Lab is positioned as a field test environment to prove the viability of innovative systems. Expect other cities around the world to offer similar services. Slide 18 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Tool Support Automated support will be essential and probably dominate testing Most components tested through APIs, web or other services New protocols emerging; custom drivers may be required The challenge will be, "how do we design the thousands or millions of tests to feed the tools?" Slide 19 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Test Analytics DevOps processes and production analytics monitor system vital signs like sensors These analytics are essentially the same Production systems are platforms for experimentation The code that serves marketers can also serve developers and testers Analytics code is your sensor network DevOps processes are 'things', too. Slide 20 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Performance Testing and Test Data Local network protocols IP based (XMPP, MQTT); few tools, but cloud services emerging Low Power/Lossy Network (ZigBee, 6LowPAN, DASH7/RFID, Bluetooth and NFC); only need simple drivers to 'chirp' Coherent data may be a problem, e.g. location data Cars must follow the road network People can only walk through certain places in a shopping mall So you will have to capture the GPS data using a tool perhaps To create unique paths, you could edit together segments of intersecting paths. Slide 21 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
The Future for Testing and Testers We need to change the way we think about testing
New Model for Testing "We explore sources of knowledge to build test models that inform our testing" Forget logistics; focus on 10 thinking skills Not a process with sequence, inputs/outputs, entry/exit criteria What is the model useful for? Separates logistics from the core testing skills Clarifies two modes: exploration and testing Supports all testing, regardless of methodology, manual v automated, structured or agile. Intelligent Definition and Assurance Slide 23
New Model Testing 29 page paper: http :// Slide 24
Manual v Automated Testing? Automation will not make testing easy; it will make testing possible More and more, DevOps processes are a source of data for analysis just like production You might not need to be a programmer but you may need to: Write your own utilities, download, configure and adapt open source tools or create automated tests Have informed conversations with developers Should testers learn how to write code? Yes! Slide 25 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Shift-Left Every company seems to be 'shifting left' Developers responsible for testing – no testers Testers embedded in development teams Testers morphing into business or systems analysts Testing thinking is being moved left and earlier in the process The New Model identifies these thinking activities Testers need to learn how to 'let go' of testing, so view this as an opportunity, rather than a threat. Slide 26 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
Close Testing the IoE is the next level of testing in terms of complexity and scale The tools we need don't yet exist Test models, test data generators and automatic oracles Simulation/High Volume Test Automation tools Testing in the lab and experimentation in production will become one discipline – test analytics Some new test approaches will be required The New Model is an attempt to trigger new thinking in this area. Slide 27 Intelligent Definition and Assurance
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