Case Studies of Free Test Tools Successful Test Tool Use without a Big Budget
Case Studies of Free Test Tools Page 2 Introduction Tools are great…except when they’re not Gee-whiz tools often have gee-whiz price tags to go with them Okay, free tools are great…except when they’re not Tools, free or pricey, can waste your time if you misuse them As a tester and/or developer, you should know your options so you can use them As a manager, you should know your team’s options so you can help to choose the right ones Let’s look at some examples of free tool use— successful and unsuccessful… Copyright (c) RBCS 2015
GUI Test Automation There are open-source tools for GUI test automation Selenium is the one most commonly mentioned Keyword-driven architecture is essential for maintainability Otherwise, you’ll hit the same problems that occur with commercial tools Using an experienced lead is necessary for good architecture Case Studies of Free Test Tools Page 3 Copyright (c) RBCS 2015
Performance Testing JMeter (part of the Apache project) is the most commonly encountered OpenSTA has some users Maintenance of tests is not such an issue Expertise with performance is critical, and trying to use these tools without such skills will result in misleading results Some previously open-source performance testing tools have gone away Case Studies of Free Test Tools Page 4 Copyright (c) RBCS 2015
Web Services Testing Here options are more limited SoapUI is the free tool most often mentioned SoapUI, while workable, is not a very reliable tool SoapUI is the open-source variant of a commercial offering (with similar problems) TestMaker and WebInject show up in web searches, but none of our clients have mentioned them Case Studies of Free Test Tools Page 5 Copyright (c) RBCS 2015
Dynamic Analysis Most operating systems have some built -in options (e.g., top, perfmon) Additional open-source tools are also available Valgrind in Linux/Android/Mac world Winleak for PCs Valgrind works well, but it does consume a lot of resources Case Studies of Free Test Tools Page 6 Copyright (c) RBCS 2015
Functional Verification Testing Many tools for these activities Fitnesse used commonly for ATDD Cucumber family used commonly for BDD These tools are not limited to agile development, but came from that world Developers and testers use these tools collaboratively Business stakeholders ideally review tests as well Often (but not always) included in continuous integration frameworks Case Studies of Free Test Tools Page 7 Copyright (c) RBCS 2015
Continuous Integration Present in all our clients with successful agile implementations Most use either Jenkins or Hudson Most include some additional tools for unit testing, etc. (more later) Supports testing by making the build process faster, more reliable Can create problems when builds are auto-deployed to test environments Case Studies of Free Test Tools Page 8 Copyright (c) RBCS 2015