AliExpress Performance Test System--All chains and regular stress test
About me Name: JUNYUAN HU (Joy)Position: Test-Dev Specialist in AliExpressResponsibility for: Quality System Construction in AliExpress Moscow office, All chains stress test in AliExpress 2018/12/10 2
The Globalization process is speed upWe served buyers from more than 220 countries and regionsWe got 100 million buyers in April 2017 2018/12/10 3 Challenges of biz & tech in AliExpress
Traffic is continuous growing up quickly 2018/12/10 4 Challenges of biz & tech in AliExpress
What business type should we serve 2018/12/10 5 Business needs in AliExpress Big Promotion Daily operating Quickly Disaster recover Drainage Local site Oversea IDC Notice Push via App Changes in projects Flexible capacity expansion
Anniversary PromotionBrand shopping week 11.11New Year Promotions Daily promotion activities 2018/12/10 6 Big Promotions in AliExpress
Important terms GMV: Gross Merchandise VolumeQPS: Query per secondDAU: One-Day active usersSPM: Super position modelIDC: Internet Data Center Perf: abbreviation from of performanceShadow table: a copy of data base with special prefix, has the same table structure with formal tablePre-prod env: an separate machine in the cluster for test before release branches to production environment 2018/12/10 7
What service should we providefor performance test 2018/12/10 8 Performance monitoring in local site Regular performance test in every week Performance Benchmarking data accumulation Monitor overview Performance test in Project Data Prepare Services in performance test
What abilities should we have in performance test 2018/12/10 9 Monitoring aggregation Real-time water level Utilization rate of servers PC&M site perf monitoring App perf monitoring Monitoring system All chains perf test Scene modeling Traffic forecasting model Regular performance test management Links management Core applications management Links analyst Managementsystem Benchmarking in pre-prod Benchmarking in trunk PerformanceBenchmarking Data prepare on cloud Data Implemented Online performance test Performance test in pre-prod env Performance test in dev env One Key performance test Performance test execute Developing
Apps * Machines Apps * Indicators Apps *QPS Entrance PV Push Advertising Strategy Other DAU Detail Search Shopping cart Place order feedback QPS(Shopping cart detail) QPS(Add to cart) QPS(Confirm order) QPS(Place order) Shopping cart detail QPS CPU Add 2 cart QPS CPU Confirm order QPS CPU Place order QPS CPU GMV Homepage Evaluation Criteria Performance test module Capacity forecast Biz Target
Performance Test Data Cloud Monitor Data of system performance Monitor data Capacity of Apps Water level Data & Script Prepare 2018/12/10 11 Data purification Data of read chains Access Log Data Split Scene match Data customize mathematical operation Data of write chains Shadow table data polymerization Customized background data Traffic analyst Data of performance module RBI data Time stamp selection Biz decision ROI analyst Invoke chains