Developer - Tester Collaboration: The Practical Side (Lightning Talk)

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Collaboration between developers and testers is critical to having a project that runs smoothly and delivers the best value to customers. Unfortunately, too many teams still work with separated QA and development teams, so there’s no understanding of how effective, practical collaboration works. Testers don’t understand how developers build software, and developers too often miss the great insights testers bring to the table.

This talk lays out the practical aspects of how testers and developers can work together. In addition to conceptual topics, you’ll see practical examples of collaboration using working software projects in C# with various testing tools.

Attendees will learn definitions of unit, integration, and functional tests. You’ll see demonstrations of each type of test, and you’ll also discover what concepts like continuous integration mean, and how they dramatically impact a system’s final quality. You’ll learn why a mix of automated tests is critical to shipping high-quality software. You’ll also learn why automation is not the SOLE piece of the testing puzzle, and why manual testing is still extraordinarily important!

Developers will learn how pairing with testers can help expand their unit and integration test coverage by looking beyond simple “happy path” tests. Developers can also learn how testers bring a “voice of the customer” into the project.

All attendees will leave this session with a better understanding of how effective collaboration between testers and developers can dramatically boost the final quality and suitability of your delivered systems.

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