Alon Linetzki
QualityWize, Тель-Авив

Root Cause Analysis in Testing "Dealing with Problems, Not Symptoms! " (синхронный перевод)

In many cases, we pick solutions to problems in the development lifecycle without sufficient analysis. This results in implementing a cover-up of the symptom, or a quick-and-dirty solution rather than a solution to the ‘real problem underneath’.

When this is done, the problem will surface again in one disguise or another, and we may mishandle it, just as we mishandled it initially.

Alon Linetzki describes a simple process you can use to identify the underlying cause of the problem and create an appropriate solution.

Alon demonstrates how he enhanced the classic root cause analysis method to create an approach to finding problems underneath in the application lifecycle. The presentation includes a method for identification of symptoms and problems, the connection between them, the strength and direction of that connection and presents some tips on how to think in the process of achieving those.

Уровень сложности
Секционный доклад (40 мин)


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