Mette Bruhn-Pedersen
Safe Journey, Copenhagen

What to do with the problems you cannot solve?

As testers and test managers we face many challenges as part of our work. Perhaps you recognise one of the following:

·      Working with unclear or missing requirements

·      Working to extremely tight deadlines

·      Not permitted to deliver with the right quality

·      Perceived as a necessary evil

When working under pressure small problems have a tendency to grow. If left unresolved small problems may turn into fierce conflicts detrimental to effective collaboration and a productive work environment.

In this talk Mette will introduce some models, which she has found very useful to cope with difficult situations and conflicts. One of the models is called the conflict escalator. It describes how conflicts may develop and gives some easy to recognise characteristics, so you can intervene and de-escalate before things get out of hand.

This is a motivational talk with a touch of methods for personal development.

Уровень сложности
Секционный доклад (40 мин)


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