Michael Pilaeten
CTG, Bruxelles

How to reduce your test cases... magically!

Team lead: “Can you please execute these 20 test cases?”

Tester: “Sure, no problem.”

Team lead: “On Windows 7. And 8. And maybe also Vista, and XP. And let’s not forget iOS!”

Tester: “Euhm, Ok, and on which browsers?”

Team lead: “I guess all of them: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, …”

Team lead: “One more thing: the developers use a new version of .NET framework, so you have to test it with 4.5, 4.0, 3.5, 3.0 and 2.0. Earlier versions are not supported anymore”

Can you imagine running every test, on each combination of operating system, browser and framework? Manually testing this is pure drudgery. Automation is not always the answer.

This workshop will familiarize you with a technique that reduces the amounts of testable combination drastically, while preserving the expected levels of quality. Less effort, less budget, same quality.

Уровень сложности
Секционный доклад (40 мин)


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