Loading time testing and results visualisation of web games (синхронный перевод)

  • 40 мин

Loading time of an application is a very important metric to be sure that the best possible user experience is delivered and no regression has been introduced.
It is especially important for web games, because when accessed for the first time all assets are fetched from Internet and rendered on different platforms (JS/HTML5 and Flash) and devices (Android and iOS phones and tablets).
This talk will have two part - first part will cover not only all needed blocks to build fully automated testing pipeline for web games loading time testing using such technologies as Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Appium, Zaproxy, Linux traffic control, Jenkins and Docker, but also what are the most important metrics, what kind of data we can collect and how we can store it.
Second part of this talk will be dedicated to tests results visualisation which can be applied to a much larger scope then web games loading testing using such tools as InfluxDB and Grafana.

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