Test Data Preparation: Tips and Tricks (синхронный перевод)

  • 40 мин

Performance is one of the main painful areas of Selenium test. One of the most important points of improvements is Test Data creation and clean up. In this talk, we will discuss how to create test data via HTTP requests and clean it after the test run.

Optimization of the Selenium suite is important for us. In this talk, I will present how to create HTTP requests builder to create and clean up test data after the Selenium test run. This will help you to prepare particular situation before logging into web application via Selenium and test the exact functionality you need. After the test run the cleanup should be done again with HTTP request to avoid performance issues and minimize flakiness for other tests in the suite.  

In addition, I will also present how to use HTTP code to set up session cookie and make configurations then extract cookie and pass to Selenium, which will help to skip logging in from UI for every test.

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