Power of Mind Maps in Agile (QA) (синхронный перевод)

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"Working software over comprehensive documentation." - is written in Agile Manifesto and it is dogma we all believe in, and I am not an exception.

However, the wording is "over" not "instead of". It means we value the left side more, but there is still value on the right one. 

Documentation is significant, even in Agile. We, as QAs, have to produce quite a lot of artifacts

We all use some very good tools to manage our development like Jira, Rally, etc. These tools are perfect for requirement management, work planning + tracking, defect tracking and many other activities.

But I am often struggling using them freely when I found out they kill mine creative thinking and limits my results. I need something more in addition to stories, tasks, defects and all other entities.

I love mind maps for all of these. I would like to share with you why and how I am getting the most benefits from mind mapping approach. I will also share many templates you will be able to download.

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