What is optimum quality and how to achieve it

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It is often said in job requirements and training courses that you should start testing as early as possible. Test scenarios should be written in as much detail as possible, and it is imperative that they are agreed upon and reviewed. Test reports should be comprehensive and give complete information about the testing that has been done. Unfortunately, beginners encounter difficulties after such preparations in real projects when they hear the phrase: "Check it quickly. Everything works there." At that moment, if there is no experienced mentor around, a young tester may experience a whole range of negative emotions, from panic to apathy. 

In my talk, I will answer questions that have been pending for a long time:

  • Is quality assurance just about improving it all the time?
  • Is it always necessary to write detailed test scenarios?
  • Where and when can testing not be done?
  • What are the means of ensuring compliance with deadlines and acceptable product quality?
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