Automation Testing Kit of Integration Solutions - a universal solution for integration testing

  • 40 min

A dozen integration platforms with their own architecture, which are being finalized by hundreds of engineers, producing thousands of new services... It's scary, but that's what all the corporations we've worked for look like. It's even scarier when testers need to configure their own tools for each solution. And I really want to run away when this whole zoo reaches the DevOps. 

Meet the "food processor" - Automation Testing Kit of Integration Solutions. 

Tester: fill in 10 lines of the template, click assemble, and get the finished result of the end-to-end integration test.
Developer: it is necessary to structure the repository to correlate the code with autotests.
DevOps: add one step - an API call. The quality gate is ready. 

It sounds beautiful, and I can't believe it, but for three years, such a solution has been working in the largest corporation. 

Come to the meeting. We will try to show more in the talk.

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