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Many western companies moved to outsource testing, and now it is becoming popular in big CIS cities  Usually, testing outsourcing is a great opportunity to both reduce project costs, extend the qualification of the team and quickly get the desired result. But sometimes, unfortunately, outsourcing is absolutely not profitable, so that you need either to change the process of interaction or even refuse to outsourcing. In this speech, I want to consider the following questions:

  • Making the decision to outsource. Will it be profitable to your case, or internal testing is more appropriate?
  • Storage of information and skills growth within your team. How to divide testing tasks between internal and external teams?
  • Skills growth. How to use outsourcing as a training for an internal team?
  • The financial benefits and ROI in outsourcing. How to calculate it objectively?
  • Remote management. How to track tasks in a remote format?
  • Motivation and communication with the remote team. How to reach an understanding?

This report will be useful for heads of testing departments, especially big ones, who has never used outsourcing.



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