Synthetic tricks-II: what to do outside of the zone of the analytical comfort
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An analyst is the antipode of the tester: the first one tells how must the system work, and the second one opens people's eyes to the stark truth. It is not surprising that the results of the analyst work often lie in a testing department on the shelf "Fantasy and Science Fiction." Is there any way to change the situation, and if any of this make sense?

Now the essence of the analyst work is often the accounting: trying to catch up and become aware the reality and take care of papers.

Dry and comfortable, but often pointless. However, the situation is changing. And analysts from catching nerds become evangelists and carriers of expert knowledge.

It is clear that the only purpose of this change: Replace bureaucratic ballast on the driving force. Bring to the project a new quality of knowledge management.

In the first part of the talk (IT Weekend Ukraine Conference, audio at, slides at we discussed how to get out of the analytical comfort zone and why to do it.

And now we discuss how to manage the situation. And tell a few words about quality.

Bonus track for testers: what and in which form should want from such a fashion miracle analytics?

The report is intended for testers, analysts and project managers working in the unsettled conditions of production processes.



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