Spiral Dynamics: understand values - and act

  • 40 min

Last autumn my range of vision was extended by such model as Spiral Dynamics. It gave me systematic viewpoint of many trends such as community development or IT (as well as not IT) management.

I spoke about the Spiral Dynamics itself on Agile Days conference. Here I’m going to explain how it influences on understanding of processes used in the company, in the industry and in the world in general. Also I'll unfold how it might give you knowledge about how you can find proper place in these processes and how to make decisions more wilfully.

I’m going to do it from Software Test Engineer point of view. Precisely from Software Test Engineer who is going to grow into Manager. I’ll consider some important questions and provide Spiral Dynamic’s answers on them.

Спиральная динамика- понимай ценности и действуй from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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