Points of View: key for communication between QAs & architects – see the quality besides the charts
  • 40 min

QA and testers often are too reactive in solving production issues. Sometimes issues are closed after build, but in worst case issues are reported from production environment. Can we be more proactive? Can we close issues right in the code and design?

Yes we can. The key is in often and early communication between QA/testers and developers. This require QA to understand some architecture and development patterns.

In this speech I'll tell you about my communication framework based on Points Of View concept and two real-world patterns. You can use this framework and patterns next day in your production.

Please feel free to take your own cases of architecture – we'll make discussion on it and you'll get solved case.

Points of View: ключ к общению QAs и архитекторов – видим качество за диаграммами from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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