10 Test Automation Principles that I Will Never Betray

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  • 40 min

Principles of «right» test automation are well-known, but for some reasons even experienced test automation engineers disregard them sometimes. Making mistakes one after another, we do not even see how we shorten lives of our auto-tests. As a result, our solutions are neglected with time and cannot survive. Or they transform to a “suitcase without a handle” – when it’s too hard to carry it and still you cannot throw it away.

I suggest to look at test automation by new way and see common mistakes. I will tell about 10 test automation principles that have been found out by my team on own experience, and which will help to avoid mistakes in future.

The speech will touch all test engineers who are working in the projects with test automation.

10 принципов автоматизации, которые я не предам from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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