Protrarctor and Angular

  • 40 min

With the growing popularity of Javascript, many MVC and MVVM frameworks for single-page web application creation have appeared. Google’s Angular JS is one of them. One of the most popular ones, actually. Thus, quality engineers (both manual and automation) are often involved in testing applications written with Angular JS. Angular developers built it in a way to allow testing of the code. And here is one of the tools designed specifically for Angular JS-developed applications - Protractor. 

During the lecture we will talk about:

 * Angular fundamentals

 * How to test Single page application

 * Protractor fundamentals 

* Why Protractor ..? 

* Protractor & CoffeeScript fundamentals 

* Single Page Applications overview 

* Framework for creating SPA - Single Page Application 

* Angular overview 

* SPA automation instruments Protractor 

* Description of the instrument 

* Installation and setup 

* Writing tests 

* Locators and elements expectation 

* Interaction with elements 

* Work with non-Angular 

Protrarctor and Angular from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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