What awaits testers during the organization of the testing process from scratch in the Enterprise-products

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Most testers are faced with the fact that they need as soon as possible to start the process of testing a completely new project. It would seem that this is a typical problem, and the dream of any tester, but many experienced testers faced with unexpected, serious difficulties. It is difficult to make the correct estimates, to determine the entry and exit criteria for testing. Creation of test cases based on the raw documents and without a prototype system is much more difficult than the test cases design for the new functionality in existing products. When we test a new system each test step could find a new critical defect. Developers bent on line defects, testers spend more time verifying bugs than run new tests. All this activities requires an enormous amount of time and the customer often does not give it because he wants all at once, and many in the very near future. In my report, I will talk about how we overcome these and other challenges in our company. 

Что ждет тестировщиков при организации процесса тестирования Enterprise-продуктов с нуля from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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