Тимур Лайшев
ООО "Аплана", Moscow

Patterns in load testing scripts development

In my report I want to tell you about some patterns of load testing scripts, which I have recently been using in different projects. These patterns are based on the following concepts:

  • Test data migration to a database server
  • Using inheritance in load testing scripts design
  • Using a custom-developed mechanism for creation and control of load test scenarios

The use of these patterns is optional and often excessive, but sometimes it can be helpful for speeding up development and debugging your scripts. The main advantage of patterns usage is reducing the risk of not meeting the projects deadlines. It is achieved by focusing on strong test data management and using the unified communicational mechanism between the scripts and the system being tested. In addition, patterns usage can help you make the load testing tool more flexible and extendable.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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