Economics of software testing, v.2.0

The continuation of Alexander Alexandrov's talk "Economics of software testing, v.2.0" where we will extend the field for discussions and discuss the issues of the economics of testing with the audience.

The main points of the talk: 

  • Exhaustive testing is not possible. 
  • Testing is as well an economic activity. 
  • Version 1.0, or What need to do. We work within a plan and evaluation, when a lack of resources, we ask to add them (extensive approach).
  • Version 2.0, or How need to do. We work within a plan and assessment as efficiently as possible (intensive approach).

The round table will be devoted to the discussion on how to proceed to version 2.0, analysing the following tasks and using reasonable labour costs efficiently, analysing: 

  • What the test cases we need (do we really need them?). 
  • What the test data we need.
  • What testers we need - a few strong ones (but expensive) or many of weak (but inexpensive). 
  • What kind of automation we need (do we need it at all), what tools, coverage.
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