Cards against humanity or how to learn testing theory using the game

  • 20 min

Very often, the learning of testing theory is a rather dull and challenging process. We will propose a way to make the learning process more comfortable and will answer the questions: 

  • How to help a specialist to enrich their knowledge easily in a playful way?
  • How to make the learning process more enjoyable?
  • How to combine the team building, training and leisure from work?
We offer a new method of self-development in testing. Through a game, a person shows his/her personal qualities and gets the theoretical knowledge for practical applications.
Once R. Kiyosaki has said regarding his legendary game "Cash Flow": "the more often you play, the richer you become." We believe that it will be more correctly with a bit modification of this statement: "the more often you play, the richer your knowledge becomes."
The real practice shows us the efficiency of this method also for building communication within the team.
"That's why people lose because they are too afraid to lose." - R. Kiyosaki.
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