Making life easier for yourself and developers: static analysis in action (on the example of Unreal Engine 4)

  • 40 min

It has long been known that approximately 85% of errors are introduced into programs at the coding stage. At the same time, quality improvement methods such as functional testing, stress testing, regression testing, etc. apply at later stages of development.

Programmers write code with errors after some time testers find them, and the code is again sent to devs for correction. Therefore, if these errors were detected earlier, this would save valuable time for both programmers and testers.

Are there any tools that can help detect errors at earlier stages than the most popular testing methods now? Of course, there are!

In my talk you will learn:
  • What the static analysis is and how does it differ about dynamic analysis.
  • How it can make life easier for testers.
  • How to configure code analysis to get the most out of it with minimal effort.
  • Case Study: How We Helped Epic Games Introduce Static Analysis into UE4 Development.
  • How to explain to the boss the feasibility of using static analysis.

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